A revised Version and complete version of the Rabbit Hole

Let’s take a journey,you and I; down the rabbit hole….

Let’s start when I was just a wee girl;

Old age will be our goal

Drs. Give u pills. ones that mother gives you…Don’t do anything at all.

We start to begin falling farther and farther down we fall.

 fall farther still,begin to shake,no longer feel our feet.

We meet hooka-smoking caterpillar,his smoke gives us a call.

“Join Me”. So we do,and many a friend we meet.

When you go chasing rabbits;but it’s really the dragon you chase;

The rabbit hole grows more feet!

In our twenties now;too many mushrooms, IVs, nerve pain in face.

Docs say;”generic drugs are cheaper!”

Begin to loss your place. In time. In space.

There are patients on the chessboard,telling you where to go!

Their deaths are easy-bah! we say-“try the rabbit hole”

Too many cures for this disease,my mind is moving slow.

Go ask Doctor Alice. I think she’ll know.

Now logic and proportion;have fallen sloppy dead

And If you have not figured it out…the hole is M.S.the Rabbit is the cure. And the red queen long ago chopped off my head.

The red queen’s my shrink.white knight;my neurologist;the man to impress.

Without them my body would truly be truly a mess.

Maybe the dormouse is way down below, I once Read.

Now in my thirties,a mother; no time to feel, play dead…

For remember….what the doctors said…

feed your head

feed your head



 Peace and love Laurelin


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