I would not want to be you

You will go down in history, as the most hated president ever .

Believing that coal emissions were okay, and there was no change in the weather.

I write this in July where the temperature is at a record low.

It happened so often now, breaking records,, on the news they don’t even show.

Poor are getting poorer. And the Richer have more money, it would appear.

While middle-class families, such as mine ,are left to disappear..

I made close friends over the years via this site ,and social media ;that could never visit me.

I am embarrassed when they ask, what I think of you ,?.for they are wonderful people, you see.

Everyone from Every walk of American Life says ,you just have to wait three and a half more years.

This makes me so sad. It brings this disabled humanitarian to tears.

This disabled girl does everything she can.

I sign every petition. Call senators and my congressman.

I wish I could do more to get rid of you.

I just hope you haven’t destroyed our name ,by the time you are through.

You have done so many things wrong, unconstitutional ,yet, we can’t reach,

The thing we all desire- impeach and impeach, and Peach!

Ones that voted for him, I wish he had not let you down.

Except this stupid wal! I have friends in Mexico. I say whether frown

Yes, it’s sad but this is going to be your fate.

 In a hundred years kids will say, you were the worst president ever. And who is Nixon, and what was Watergate?