The road is long

The road is long and straight and seems to go nowhere. Maybe it goes to Oblivion. We do not know. But we are on that road. And that road is long.

I am having serious issues today. I am not suicidal but I think about it all the time. I think about how I’m too much of a coward to ever do it. I think about how I could never be without my child. And then I just get mad. It’s Curious that I don’t go anywhere, I only sit upon this bed. Yet at the same time I am on that road. Traveling, to where I don’t know. But I know that road is long.

The longer you are on that road, the sooner you want to get off it. It is a long journey. It’s painful. It’s boring. But most importantly it is long.

I find myself struggling to stay on the road. Yet, it is impossible for me to get off the road. To some of them on the road things are going smoothly. For others they just want it to end. My ride is boring. Seems to go nowhere. But I Keep On Truckin. How long do I have to do this?

The road is long. With many a winding turn. That leads us to who, who knows where, who knows when. That is from the song He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother. It just popped in my head. I guess we knew about this road even back then. And even back then that road is long.

It is not up to us to decide when we get off the road. We aren’t even sure whose plan it is. We aren’t even sure if there is a plan at all. All we know is that there is a road. And it is terribly long!

I wish I knew where the road went. I wish I knew when I could get off. I wish for a lot of things, but I don’t get a lot of wishes that come true. I get a lot of, insert explicit language.

I suppose this blog will stop here. Because it’s not getting any happier. And I was trying to put a smile on my face. But I cannot today, I will just keep trucking. You Keep On Truckin too. Eventually we will find the end of the road


How do I keep you engaged? Do you want a happy poem? Do you want some positivity? Let me know how to keep you engaged.

What is a happy thought without a little rage?

To feel total and utter Bliss.

One has to remember and miss

What led them down this path.

Chances are, it was a little Wrath.

Did this engage you? Tell me why? And don’t lie! I really want to know.

So I can keep you reading. And maybe my blog will grow.

Just tell me what to write. I’m a people pleaser. Live for the alcolade.

In interest, it’s not about the friends I’ve made.

Sometimes it’s about the connection. Sometimes it’s about the praise.

Whatever’s the reason your attention I want to raise.

Will you remember me? My name is l a u r e l i n. I hope you will be in my friend.

Chances are, you already are if you read this poem to the end.

Thanks for the engagement. Thanks for the time.

I will be back tomorrow, folks, with a different rhyme


What will the world look like in 2222?

Will it still be a marble of Deep Blue?

Well we still have borders?

The animals see them not.

We carve the planet up like pumpkin pie.

I hope the United States gets a Big Slice.

And if we get one, make it alamode

Because ice cream makes everything better

Just don’t get any on your sweater

Let’s move to 2322 oh, are humans still there?

Probably still fighting over slices of the pumpkin pie.

Let’s move to 24 22, are humans still there?

Yes, but the pie has gotten smaller.

Let’s move to 3522 oh, are humans still there?

Yes, but the pie is a slice. And there’s not enough room to fight on this island.

Let’s move 2 4022 okay, are humans still there?

Yes. But we evolved. And we have gills. And there is no pumpkin pie.

Let’s move to 5022, are humans still there?

What’s a human?

Perspective is nice. Of the pie I hope we get a slice.

In 2022, you are still fighting over the same piece of pie.

In the macrocosm sense, the pumpkin pie is a lie.

The world will return to water. A planet of H2O. No More Humans. No more pie.

Just enjoy the ride while you’re on it now. Gratitude, humans, don’t even try,

To carve the world up in the image you want. You won’t get your wish.

In the end, humans will probably evolve back into the fish

History repeats itself

Since the invention of democracy we have been at war with autocracy.

This is nothing new. What is new is the fact that so many within our own ranks, are the enemy

We used to hold that flag up and be United under it. The Star Spangled Banner means something different for everyone. And it used to mean the same.

We can’t even agree as of late if the Holocaust really happened. Seriously. You think I’m kidding? January 6th was either a national holiday, or an insurrection. But Hillary’s emails.

Now Russia is bit by bit claiming parts of Ukraine as its own. Latvia will be next. Didn’t we go to the Vietnam War for the same reason? We can’t let the dominoes fall. And they are falling. One by one.

I am at a loss for the state of us doing nothing. It is just one country fighting with another country, cry people. No. It isn’t. democracy fighting with autocracy. And autocracy is winning.

We are not The Shining Beacon we used to be. Even if we were, I don’t know who we shine for anymore. History repeats itself. Autocracy versus democracies is as old as the beginning of democracy! But for some reason, it just seems a little scarier.

I miss the 1980s. The fall of the Berlin Wall, wasn’t that awesome. We thought we were winning in the Battle of autocracy versus democracy. But history repeats. I feel like I’ve lived through this before.

I myself being a fan of democracy, I cannot just look the other way and say, oh it’s just another country way over there. Because that country way over there could be this country way over here. And I hope that never happens. But if it does, I am willing to die for democracy. I think we all need to think about that. Because democracy is not winning right now.

It is 2022. It is not the 1980s anymore. But history repeats itself. We will be back to those days once again. And we have gotten so much better. I am proud. B l m. LBGTQ Plus. We have come a long way. But not far enough.

I will not be around long enough to see 2100. And I know the globe will look a lot different. The question is, will it have democracies in it? Will it be a giant autocracy or two?

I hope for my great great great grandchildren we are still a democracy. And I hope for yours that there are people still willing to die for democracy. As history repeats itself, I don’t know which way it will repeat. Will democracy win? Or autocracy? It might be up to you