Carpe diem

I am word pressing this again because my voice application wrote freezing instead of breathing. The last line of the blog makes all the difference. And that little mess up really screwed it up


Carpe diem

I Carpe Diem everyday. In fact, every breath I take I seize the day. Right now I am bedridden. I am until Tuesday, when I get an Iron Infusion. I am very weak right now, due to lack of iron in my blood. But don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am so very grateful. Grateful to be alive. Yes, I am stuck in my bed. I have pressure ulcers on my derriere oh, not too comfortable. But let me tell you, it is so much better than where I could be. Once you die, and come back, you will appreciate everything. I am so grateful to watch tfewhe vegetation grow outside. I’m so grateful for my family for just everything

Everything, is just so wonderful. Why anything negative stand in the way of enjoying life. You are so lucky to experience life. Even when things suck, things are awesome. So I write this little blog to you, to remind you, that Carpe Diem is not just a statement. Seizing the day can be as simple as breathing.. Just give yourself a chance to realize that

There is no devil, only demons.

There is no devil, there are only demons. Why do we need to have a leader of evil? It is the very most bizarre thing I know of inhumanity. Evil just exist. Just like positivity or good things just exist. Why does there have to be a leader to evil? By definition it doesn’t make any sense. Pure evil does not follow anything. You’re evil is simply just that, evil. Instead of worrying about being possessed by the devil, fill yourself up with positivity. Let yourself be possessed by the good. I don’t know what will happen to you when you die. I only know what will happen to me when I die. This is because I did die. I know what’s going to happen. I am going to leave that adventure and that Journey up to you. I am not giving anything away. I am letting you be surprised. But I’m telling you all, I’m pretty sure there is no devil. If there is a devil, he probably already lives inside all of us. It is that evil that negative energy, that sometimes wants to crawl out of your head. Don’t let it! It is not worth it. But trust me, there is no devil. There are only demons