My reality vs. Your reality? Reality at all?

Here comes the Jabberwocky, dancing on your head.

Here Comes My Unicorn ,you all thought was dead.

Saw a leprechaun gave me wishes a three,

I forgot in this world you call this fantasy.

This simply can’t be true, this is my reality.

You may say crazy I say tenacity!

You simply see borders, and I  do not.

You’re either cold near the poles ,or by the equator ,where it’s hot.

You see skin color ,religion, this thing called Nation.

 Do unto others as you’d  do unto you and skin color is just pigmentation.!

Unicorns aren’t real, because you have never seen one.

Nonsense! You believe in Jesus but have you met God’s son? 

Don’t tell me how to think. How to feel. Or what I see.

I am not you, and you are not me.

There is this wonderful word- called duality.

Your news focuses on hate. War. Violence. Murder. And all kinds of human fatality.

Mine focuses on rainbows. Happiness. The Mad Hatter and having tea.

Screw you! I’m going to stay living in my own reality.