Post hsct stem cells for multiple sclerosis 13 months

There is an Arctic polar vortex in New York state. Stem cells have made it so severe cold and severe hot do not affect me as much but this cold is outrageous. My right leg still works but it is very stiff like a log however I can still walk with a walker. When I received stem cells everyone except for one person was from a very cold climate. Canada. Norway. Ireland. New York State. Etc. The cold and multiple sclerosis do not get along. This is the coldest it has ever been in New York state in my lifetime. It is 0 degrees out with a wind chill of -30. So the fact that I’m not in dire pain and I still can get around shows that stem cells have in proved my quality of life. Unfortunately it feels like I have plateaued in my progression towards multiple sclerosis getting better. However stem cells have stopped the progression of my disease so if this is all I get I am quite grateful. If it has not stopped the progression of my disease I would be bedridden now or in the future months to come. So the fact that I can walk with a walker is outstanding. I still hope to maybe walk with a cane comes summer times but I do not know if this will ever happen. I might just have to wait for them to find more of a cure for multiple sclerosis which Mexico is working on and we will return and a few years when they have perfected it. For now at least my disease has stopped progressing. Otherwise I would be bed ridden by now or in the few months to follow. Stem cells have been a great blessing in my life. I have gained 30 pounds of pure muscle in my legs which used to look like sticks. My bowels and my bladder usually work but sometimes I still struggle. I am not complaining though. I am so grateful for what I have gotten. And I may see more results once the weather gets better. The cold and multiple sclerosis do not agree with each other. I just wanted to give you a small check up today. On the coldest day of the year ever in New York state. The fact that autoimmune disease can be helped by stem cells leads me to believe that anyone with a similar disease should seek out stem cells. And they are working on a cure for my disease. Hopefully I will be around to see this happen. Peace and love to all my wonderful friends who helped me get stem cells and who are struggling with illnesses like mine today. There is hope out there. Do not lose faith. Peace and love Laurelin🌻


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