Holiday mascots

364 days of the year; holiday mascots live normal lives 

Christopher Kringle lives in a nursing home. Saint Patrick is a failed painter but tries.

Saint Valentine is a bum. hates everyone.

Christopher Columbus is dead, he is no one.

Every year they look forward to that one day

When they bring joy and peace and people remember and believe what they say

There is one exception. And he does not find it funny.

That would be the forlorn mr. Easter Bunny.

Every year he fills baskets with chocolate eggs and sugary junk

Which only gives kids more cavities and puts more junk in the trunk.

, that is it. This year. He has had enough.

Those kids are spoiled. And they think they have it so rough.

This year it is fruit and toothbrushes which baskets will serve

This year no more saturated fat no more cavities. They will get what they deserve.

Every year they get more spoiled. Every year they believe in the magic less and less.

In the real world. For 364 days, the white rabbit is Mister hare D.D.S