Consumer Beware

*”What light through yonder window breaks;
It is the east”, and Africa, the sun.
Today a maid becomes a bride.
The diamond she wears was not won.
Bought here by her true Romeo.
No question of its’ worth in gold.
Where it’s from; no one cares to know.
Dug up by a child; then sold.
He got 35 cents working that day.
The gem is worth millions today.
The child cares not. Family ate today!
It’s a deal covered in blood; some may say.
Blood of a child maid wears on her hand.
Brought over the ocean, from distant land.
Dr Sues says it best. He doth not lie.
*” You never know what some fool will buy.”
Think BEFORE you purchase; anything,fool!
It may come from a source of blood. Not cool.
America; let’s all think twice.
Cubic zirconium shine will suffice.

*William Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet
*Dr Suess- The Lorax

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