Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful dreamer, wake onto me.

Starlight and moonbeams are waiting for thee.

Gone are the days of life’s cruel past.

Today is first day;I’m free at last!

No more tears will I cry over you.

Why should a person that knows you not;even make you blue?

Stop. breath in. Breath out…It’s a new day!

Stop dragging your tail and go out and play!

Beautiful,human, I’m just a cat.

You have so much to offer more than that.

Come Fahrenheit, come Centigrade, use language that we can understand.

Tell us happy or cold. I Know you must have a plan!

If still lonely,angry, sad; Read Robert Frost.

He knows the joys that some have lost.

Beautiful dreamer, wake onto me.

Rainbows!Sunbeams! Is all you will see!

Let go of ego,I say to thee;

Then maybe; Just maybe…you too will be free!

(written by my perspective of my cat’s perception…I think.she doesn’t talk much!)

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