Darkness. A short story  by Laurelin O’Brien revised

“The person woke up into darkness everywhere. Every where  they looked was darkness.They could not remember their name. That could not even remember if they were male or female. They felt down their body and felt breast.So I Am.a woman, she thought. Who am I? How did I get here? She began to walk searching for light . She walked and walked. She never found any light just darkness everywhere. She began to be quite afraid. She kept waiting to run into something but never did. She  kept searching for a wall ,but never found one, she never found anything. she thought she must be dreaming. She pinched herself hard but could not wake up from The Nightmare. She cried out into the darkness ” God please let there be light.” But no light came, only  Darkness surrounded her- am I dead? She questioned herself I cannot be there for I am  still feeling. What am I feeling? But all she felt was darkness.  She didn’t panic,  she was just confused. I must be a human female for my thoughts are in language. She felt her face and felt the rubbery feel  to it and the Deep lines of wrinkles. So I must be very old she thought. Why can I not remember my life?  She thought. I must have.a life? But she could not remember anything or anyone. She thought she must be in hell. I must have done a horrible thing in the life I cannot remember. She waited in darkness for what seemed like years.”what have I done,Lord ! ” but no answer came to her. It must’ve been something terrible, but I cannot remember; maybe that is part of being in hell. So she wondered and wondered but felt nothing and saw nothing . After what seemed like years, she saw a faint light. She began to run to it as it became brighter and brighter and brighter. By the time she reached the light her eyes had adjusted to the dark for so long that she had to keep her eyes closed until she could adjust to the light. The light was a prism of colors that she had never seen before; so beautiful, and so sparkling. As her eyes adjusted she saw a man before her with a Long White Beard and a large smile on his face.”welcome “,he said. Suddenly she remembered her name! I am Susan and I am 57 years old. I have two children and three grandchildren. Sthe was overcome with joy,  that she forgot all about where she had been so Overjoyed in seeing light and another person that she forgot about where she has been, but only for a moment. ” where am I? Where was I? Why couldn’t I remember my life till now??” He answered it very calmly,” you were in limbo, my child, stuck between worlds.” I am only 57 I am not that old how could I have been in limbo?  She questioned herself without asking. ” what is the last thing you remember before the darkness?” She thought for a moment and then remembered,” headlights, headlights to a car. I was in an automobile accident. So I am dead then where was the in the darkness the limbo?” But even as she said that she had a total calm come over her. The man replied,” it is human nature to hold on to life as long as you possibly can. But sometimes even man technology fails. Thank goodness you had  a living will or you could have been in limbo for much longer than 7 days . That  was only seven days she thought it seemed like an eternity.” You were smart , you had a living will; pull the plug on the end of the seventh day if I do not awake .”” My name is Peter ,the man said, why don’t you come in and say hello to your family ” before she went through the golden  gates, she turned to Peter and ask him “what happens to the ones without a living will? “”Nature can not correct itself. The circle is not complete and becomes a straight line.””what or who is.God? And what or who is nature?”The old man chuckled and said, “my child, they are one and the same. ” as they walked into the gates she saw over 7 billion people.” here is your family,.” St. Peter said. And then she remembered. All the lives before, and that there was still more to come ,and remembered all the souls in front of her that really made up one. E pluribus unum.