If I were a DJ

If I were a DJ ,I would play house music all day long

Weather Chicago, Detroit or Europe,  it’s all my favorite song

If I were a DJ, I would use actual disks.

I feel without records, something is amiss.

If I were a DJ ,I’d play a song just for you.

I’d make you scream, and shout ,and dance! Make you happy when you are blue.

If I were a DJ, I would play house that is old school.

I would wear sequined outfits. And I would feel oh so cool.

If I were a DJ, I would have a great art.

Humanity would join in song. And not be torn apart.

If I were a DJ, the song would never end.

Everyone would smile. Everyone, my friend.

If I were a DJ, I would be among the elite.

I’d play Just for free. And I’d never skip a beat.

If you are a DJ, I’m a little jealous of you.

I wish I made people jump and dance; when I read a poem that’s true.

If I were a DJ, I would play you a poem.

It would not be mine. It would be your very own.

You would Bob your head to it. Wherever you would Rome.

It would remind you that wherever you go  ,you are not alone.
It would be in Perfect Pitch. It would sound your favorite tone.

We would go to outer space. And end in a Twilight Zone 

Sorrow and sadness would not exist. Cards would stay as they lay.

A Perfect world we would live in; if I were the world’s DJ.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻