Mind deception

Reading some old poems of mine today.

So many thoughts get in the way.

Trying to remember, why did I write this?

My mind must have felt like it was about to be in the abyss

I wrote a poem about the apocalypse

Why? I don’t know. I can only remiss.

It is about two people running away from zombies in the night.

Now I am obsessed with zombies, but this poem gave me a fright!

Even though the Rhythm and rhyme was quite tight,

Something about it just did not seem right!

So I thought and I thought oh, what the hell was I trying to say?!

And I realized my thoughts were getting in the way.

I forgot to trust my own words of wisdom and study.

When it comes to poetry you can trust no one and nobody!

It finally came to me. It was crystal clear.

The poem had nothing to do with trust or fear.

The two people in the poem were the same!

Being alone caused the writer to go insane.

It is funny oh, all these years I thought I was writing for you.

Turns out it’s for me, to analyze, figure what is true.

So I now know what alphabet to the end of the world is and I wrote it! What a title.

It is quite ingenious! And I forgot about it, and that makes me laugh and smile.

Do you ever get perplexed by your own mind?

It’s good to have those things on paper, so your memory can rewind.

I just wrote an entire poem, about another one I wrote a long time ago.

Why? I have no memory of writing it! I know. I know, I know,

You cannot trust your memory. That is why I write these things down.

Unfortunately, when I forget the topic I look like a clown!

This author is too hard on yourself. Do you do that as well?

Stop it! Keep writing! Here on WordPress, we are all pretty swell ☺️