Ode to you

I want to write a poem. But what should it be about?

How about pop culture. Or politics. What makes you scream and shout?

A good poem, requires a good audience. Will that be you?

Fact or fiction. Whatever you want. What you dream will come true.

Do you want a new creation, like a big bang Spark?

Do you want something with light, or do you want something dark?

If you want Darkness. I am probably not the poet for you.

I am a positive person. With negativity, I am through.

I do so want to write something to make you happy.

Not too bland. Not too bright. Definitely not sappy.

So much to choose from! What will it be?

Do you really want me, to just write about me?

I am not sure, who I am anymore.

It is you, that I want to explore.

Are you a Susan? Or maybe you are a Joe?

Worse yet, maybe you’re someone I don’t want to know!?

I keep looking around. But I simply can’t see.

Maybe I shouldn’t write for you. Instead , I should for me.