A drug dealers dream

Do you want to build a meth lab? I have lots of pseudo you see 

Do you want to buy some cocaine? Cook a little crack with me?

Do you want to buy a lick of Kamm amide?

Cook some Special K really easy

Do you want to buy some lysergic acid? And a few ingredients make LSD?

It’s all pretty easy just front me the money I’ll triple it you see

Drugs are easy to come by but I won’t give them to you for free

Do you want to build a meth lab?

Go Breaking Bad with me?

I would if I was 20. I have a family now you see

I know how to keep my daughter away from this mess though I know what to look for in me

My past has given me sight and she won’t go down the same road as me

If you’re still in the game I worry for thee

Gun robbers and death is all that I see

Is the money worth it? I’ve lost so many you see

To this game of easy money it’s not worth it trust me

Peace and love Laurelin