A Visit

   It was late last November. I was picking up in the living room. We still had no snow in New York (for climate shift isn’t real), and it was raining cats and dogs. A mist the loud noise of rain, I heard a loud bang outside. I quickly got on my wheelchair in time to see a sports car on fire and a man stepping out and running to my door .He saw me and smiled than knocked on  my door.

I answered quickly and said; “Are you okay?”

“oh, yes. My car not so much.” He slightly chuckled. “might I come in? I called the police, they said to get out of the car before it sets on fire. I was  hoping I might wait in here or on your porch.”

“Certainly. Come right on. Sorry for the mess..and your car.”

He shrugged;”It’s just a car.”

“Most people would be very upset.”

“Most people are idiots.”

“Can I take your coat?'” as i say it I notice he, and his coat are dry.   I then look him over. striking blue eyes. Blond curly hair. Probably 30ish. He was, truthfully; beautiful.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name. My name  is Laurelin.”

“I know. Your mailbox has a different last name. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lucifer.” He said with a bow.

I laughed. Are you a mental patient? May I see your license?”

He shook his head annoyed. “Why must you all need proof? My word should be enough.”

“Not  if you’re the devil..” I replied.

I took his license from his hand. It said Lucifer  only. date of birth-00/00/00. State Arizona.

“why Arizona?” I ask

“nice and hot.’ He answered. “So I guess you are wondering why I’m here?’

“To offer me a contract. No pain or working legs for my soul.”

He laughed. “I like you.  Always to the point. Absolutely took  me at face value. It always takes you humans a bit. No, I am not here to offer anything. I know you’d never enter a contract with me. I’ve been reading and following you. I think you may know the answer….why  do we exist? What is the meaning of it all? What is the meaning of life?”

“I feel honored at a  being such as yourself would search me out for answers.”

“Well?” He asked.

“I’m sorry but;,the sun is out and your car looks fine.I believe it’s time for you to  go.”

He looked at me slyly. “I think you may have just tricked the devil.”

“well, go  down to Georgia. I hear Johnny wants to play fiddle with you.”

He left. And he and his  car vanished into thin air. I  stood in shock. Did that just happen? Why me?  I knew the answer as I thought it. Maybe Angle Gabrielle will visit next. I chuckled. Angles. You just never know when one might visit.