How will I die?

I always knew I’d die from multiple sclerosis. I always knew this for sure.

Ask Any, and all doctors ,and Specialists, afind they would all concur.

Life is pain. I knew this to be true.

Everyday brother pain that was new.

You get used to it.but find comfort that once life does cease.

You know that multiple sclerosis will cause you to rest in peace.

Now I’m confused. And I don’t know what to do.

Now I get the chance to live life like all of you.

How do you do it? Not knowing your fate?

Seems terribly scary to me ,at any rate.

Nature told me every organ was eventually fail.

Especially my brain. Now what does fate entail?

Maybe I will live to a ripe old age. Maybe I will get hit by a bus.

How do we live not knowing what will happen to us?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Maybe I don’t want to do that everyday.

We can choose to do nothing. I can choose to go out and play.

So many choices I’m not used to having a say!

Maybe I will just meditate. Or maybe I will pray.

Not for myself but for others. For stem cells gave me all I could ever want and more.

It is time to give back. That is what I want to explore.

My community gave me this gift to pass it on to one and all.

No matter how big no matter how small.

When someone needs help. Help. If they need to follow lead them.

That ,my friends, is how we carpe diem.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻