Life on the street( the story of a drug dealer vs. A junkie)

When you’re on the street. Traffic  you can’t beat.

Two turns into one; afford more? Just one.

Two AM start day . addicts  need their fix

6AM so sick. I need to turn  tricks.

Same clients some cops. Some drive-bys and stops.

10 bucks for a hand. 1 Rock I will land.

She’s here back for more. Always needs to score.

That did not last long. Back out,Same Old Song.

Sun is up, it ends.Still call me like friends.

Try to sleep close eyes. Need fix  or I dies.

Stop calling crackhead! Need to go to bed!

Maybe he’ll answer. Why he not answer!

I’m done for the day. Non-stop it’s their way.

Needs fix. fix. now! Need cash. A front but . How!?

Can’t stop it my drug. Bling, cash, pistols; thug.

Strange men. Cash. Find him. God,need fix. Life dim.

Here she comes, bad luck. Last to Guy in truck.

New pusher found one. Dirty hit, life. . .done.

Other thug has gun! Heard a bang life…done.

The moral of the story is don’t play that game.

Buyer or seller the results are always same.

Peace and love Laurelin