Feel so so very small
I want to curl up into a ball

I’m crawling down the endless hall

I don’t think I’ll make it through it all

I’m spiraling down down down

Maybe to the white rabbits town

Maybe I just need to be off this med

No. That’s what the doctor said

Steroids make you psychotic. That’s what I read

Gained 30 pounds. Things Are in my head

Two more doses then I’m finally done

Then finally I can have some steroid free fun

Stem cells are working. The Cure has just been a long hard ride

No time to deal with crazy feelings in side

Wheelchair bound for Life. Dr did you say. F*** that. I will I will walk someday 

Steroids and bloat will go away

Hey doctors. I walked five feet with a cane yesterday

,, peace and love Laurelin 🌻