U r so funny! lol 

Lmfao, can’t u tell?

U stole my ♡


I sent a Instagram

Showing that you’re not a real man

Of course it’s not true but this is social media

You’ll  buy anything I say and feed ya

We buy a Kindle instead of books

Libraries are gone. Emojis has become our looks

We don’t write in cursive for we can type

Why should  I meet with the person when we can Skype?

Where will we be in 30 years?

Life Changes old ideas disappears

You can either adapt, or get left behind

Technology cannot replace the things in your mind.

It’s easy to get lost in the fog.

Remember someone’s thoughts have now become a blog.

I don’t like it but I have adapted too.

To keep up with the times you should too.

Remember a post is an opinion you should still have your own.

Half of what you read is usually lies.

Don’t let someone else think for you no matter how hard he tries.

Technology has come an awfully long way.

Take in stride what other people say.

 live ,love ,laugh as humans always do.

Remember that real love is inside of you.

The world changes and we must change with the time.

I know I have but I’ll never give up rhyme ! 

Mass media is great and some of it is true.

Just don’t forget what’s inside, and what is the real you.