Stem cell transplant almost 11 months

I am finally beginning to see good stem cells results. I can always walk with my Walker. Get in and out of chairs. Get off the couch. Get in and out of bed on my own. Get on and off the commode on my own. Girls and bladder are always getting better. My house is finally clean enough that I’m not embarrassed when people stop by. My fine motor skills are still terrible. The Tremors will take a long time to go away. Until then I cannot dust-up hi. Or write my name. Or cook. But things are definitely getting better. Stem cells have been a blessing. I have gained a lot of weight due to steroids. I asked if the dose can be lowered and it cannot. So I must just deal with this steroids until February. I was severely underweight so gaining 30 pounds actually helps me. I just have to monitor so I don’t gain too much more. But in general things are looking better. As always I highly recommend to you if you have an autoimmune disease to seek out stem cells as an option. They have made a huge dose difference in my life. I think everyone who helped me get them and in general I absolutely love Mankind and I hope we can learn to love each other. 6’s so far I will keep you updated.

 Peace And love Laurelin 🌻

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