Censorship ; Who I am

I live in America; yet I am not free.

I may think what i want; yet, not share it with thee.

I create false persona; to free my word.

This lie, I deny; so that I’m heard.

I cry- I am July Doe. But this is not so.

I’ve lost who I am. I simply do not know.

I must be a SSN. Only a number.

The name could be lightning and thunder…

Storm or calm; It so does not matter.

Talk of food. Weather. Anger. Mindless chatter.

So here I sit;and hope you might hear me.

Hoping in death; you will see me more clearly.

My name is whatever you want it to be.

Burn your soul. Your identity.

Perhaps, in truth, you will see.

July. Lily. Laurelin. None are me.

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