Life Depends on

At the tender age of 22 it is the first time it happens to you.

It seems so unfair! And you just know everyone will stare.

As you walk in the bathroom you just know that they know. they know, they know!

Tears all a glow ,your emotions show although,

You get used to it. And learn to see, that no one really cares about you or me.

Public you might as well be a tree. They have no time to worry about thee

You learn to deal with the discomfort. You are worried that it sticks out.

It is itchy ,and bulky ,and times ;it is all you think about.

Now at age 36, after stem cells ,I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s been 14 years. I was scared I won’t lie.

Comfort was unbelievable ,I almost wanted to cry.

So smooth ,and silky. I be in heaven. It was so great I might die!

The little things in life we often don’t share

Everyday simplicity. Should value and care

It is such a joy! Who don’t appreciate how unfair

It is to live life without underwear!

I am so blessed to have good family and friends

A life no longer depends on depends

Peace and love Laurelin