why I am my cat!

I have been given a new lease on life!, Though it comes with a price.

The price of admission- One truth! But you can’t answer twice.

Reality is perception. I choose to believe;

that a writer I AM. This poet shall succeed.

At what? Clarity,of my perception(it’s been quit askew)

It’s time to get back to just me. no more “you.”

Not that “you” weren’t really fun.

But I got things to say before I am done!

When I’m with “you,” I forget who I am.

A girl who quotes Green Eggs And Ham!

A girl who cares not if you are Muslim or Jew;

Just be kind and stay away from “you”

It is sad to do this I am now my cat.

Yes,on facebook that is where my blog is at!

For Laurelin O’Brien has too much “you”

Time for you to retire;there is nothing left to do.

Buddhist.Hindu.Atheist;the Dali lama!

I love my peeps;but bye to “you” drama.

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