Parenthood ☆

It’s 10;15. get off your blog.take your meds. go to bed.

Oh?Your kids with grandma? Stay up instead!

Watch something rated R no; X(if you dare)

There’s so many adult things to do out there!

Say “fuck” “shit’ damn”, as much as you can!

For tomorrow will be all a toddler’s plan.

Funny thing is; we are so excited to be alone,

But truly, we want to call her on the phone.

We miss her so bad when she is not here!

Yet,when she is, we want to scream out in fear-

“Why can’t you do as I say?!”

“Please,go to bed;I pray.”

It’s pay back. For all the shit I did as a child.

My teens were so beyond being wild.

Wait a minute though,….. I have m.s. too!

So to the karma department, I say-screw you!

I think life,is just life. Enjoy them while away.

But hug them even tighter when they stay.

You never know where, or what they will say;

Better enjoy each and every mother fucking day!

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