Get on the bus

The bus is coming for Kalamazoo!

Everyone’s going, red and blue!

Everyone. Everyone. Will be there!

Bring your mask okay, it will be quite the affair!

You don’t believe in wearing one? Well why not?

That is silly. Sit down on the bus then I’m sorry you poor lot.

The rest of us have lots of fun to do.

It’s not about politics at Kalamazoo!

It may seem like an impossible task.

It is not. Come have fun. Just put on the stinking mask!

There is a party over here. And you can join in.

Just put on a mask. And we can begin!

You already got on the bus. Now it’s time to get 2 Kalamazoo.

Put on your mask, let’s party, forget about red and blue!

I wear a mask for you because you are my brother.

Forget about politics. Wear a mask oh, because we love each other.