Winter Madness ☆

It is madness. Madness, I say!

Down on my knees, Begin to pray.

Much confusion. Cold. Dark and grey.

Why do you ask? I’ve gone astray.

From myself. It’s too much to bare.

Pretty sure that no one will care.

Could be wrong; they seem all to glare…

Paranoia. There is no stare.

Narcissistic. All in my head.

Stop thinking. Instead, go to bed!

these thoughts linger. I’ll dream instead.

My dreams dripped in snow; tell  I’m dead.

I awake, only to see snow..

Might still be sleeping;  that I know.

Mind still reeling, just a bit slow.

It won’t stop! My problems still grow..

I’m lost in thoughts, many today.

Voices. Sub-conscience; go away!

Silent. No snow, please dream of May…

Am I awake?  Madness I say!


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