It’s a great day to be human ■

It’s a great day to be you. So what are you going to do?

Maybe go to work, take a walk, or tell work I am through with you!

Perhaps you’re calling in sick and have you a day.

Sometimes you just need a day off to play.

Maybe you eat a whole pizza and get a tummy ache.

Warning you not to eat too much for goodness sake.

Perhaps we’ll cross paths you and I.

You never know what time does fly.

Flows wherever the wind, the wor1d, does take you.

You never know which way the wind just blew.

Each day is different; a blessing a chance

For you to love, or sing, or even to dance.

Maybe you’ll just sit and watch TV.

Well that means you’re doing the same thing as me!

We are not so different you and I,

A language may be different but we both do try,

To make a difference somewhere, somehow

Maybe with help from God, nature, or a holy cow.

The point is we all should do as we should.

Deep down I believe all humans can be good.

Sometimes we get lost and cannot find our way.

Either friends or family comes around and has the right thing to say.

We love each other, no matter what language we speak.

No matter how strong ,how fragile how weak.

We are more than the same species; you and I

You don’t have to wonder, worry, or try.

We laugh together hurt together, and even sometimes cry.

I will reiterate the truth-we are the same you and I. Peace and love Laurelin