The hustle

 And no matter where I go,

It ain’t where I’m from, but who I know.

Once you’re in the game ,life is never the same.

11 years later ,I still know who’s selling crack. Or who is the prostitute it gets pretty lame..

Forfeit the game ,gets old after a while.

 crackheads only smile when they hook up .and Whores never smile.

Or you often like to smile, only when searching for a better High, you wind up dead.

But I do not take to the streets. It is just different. Instead;

I talk to people. Smile at people. Learn how I can help, not see what I have read.

Carpe Diem with love. As many poet  has said.

I weigh a hundred and 4.1 lb so it is definitely not about the muscle.

No matter if it’s drugs or love it is truly all about the hustle.

So I am like the drug dealer. Similar creatures. We just sell different things.

He sells drugs that kill. I sell love that makes you feel like you have wings.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻