The real truth they don’t want you to know

 She sat once on her floor. 

Staring at the TV once more.

Went to her tray

And to her dismay

Sat no more Mary J.

Sigh oh…there she lay!

She locked  her door

Packs a pipe once more,

The Taste she does adore 

Tolerance is too high. Still sore.

I’m all for Mary medicinally,

Many doctors would give it to me.

Every Form but smokable,  legally.

20 years of use and unfortunately,

Mary Jane is just fun. No help for me.

It’s just a plant with a little THC.

Alcohol kills. Pot just makes you eat.

Cancer. HIV. Illnesses with small people like me, that is a great feet

Does it really help pain? No.

 People say yes ,but it’s a lie you know.

Like so many they really just enjoy the buzz.

Never caused a death. But alcohol does.

Why is it illegal? I will tell you because..

The economy doesn’t work the way it was

The drug trade is huge it is California’s main cash crop.

And. that is illegally ,if we legalized it that drug train would stop

Financially America over all makes more money, 

Leaving it illegal. Now isn’t that funny?

Slowly it is changing from state-to-state.

That tax money goes to the state not federal ,our country would be broke at that rate

So this is the real reason marijuana is illegal. It is fucked up but true.

Without  the black market;  would fall, the red white and blue.