Shit happens

If I ever wrote about you I cannot pretend.

Not friends and I meant to offend.

Don’t mean to sing a b***** song.

Some point you hurt me. You did me wrong.

Things happen. That does not make it okay.

They should not have done that or done the things that I say.

So I talked shit about you. Making me feel better.

You won’t give me your address. So I can’t send a letter.

It is the season where I should forgive.

 Always struggled with let go. And just let live.

 just say that I’m sorry. Past be the past.

Nothing last forever. Even this will not last.
Hey once did I love you. Gave you the sweetest kiss.
F*** that. I am still angry and pissed.

To move on. I need to let go.

Sit in my room and view the beautiful snow.

I forget you? Why can’t I let you go? I simply don’t know.

 everywhere. You are nowhere. Everywhere you are nowhere and just so

 this anger. And I know it’s not okay.

It is Christmas time. Unfortunately I mean what I say.

 think I am evil. Or vial. And you probably should.

Take all those words back if I could.

 I cannot do it. I try and I try.

Simply cannot forgive. I cannot tell a lie.

 Write a poem about you. And you. And you.

 It doesn’t mean that it’s real only in my mind is it true.

Don’t worry I send out my Christmas wish. And I want you to know.

Hope Santa brings you a giant lump of coal.

Thing is,. This is my site. And I will say what I want to say.

Ignore me. For I will write as long as I pay.

 you open my link I have to pay a  little less.

Just absolutely love the freedom of press.

This year I promise I will try to let go

 probably won’t. But I will try. I just want you all to know.

Emotions suck. just watch the beautiful snow.
Peace and love

Laurelin 🌻