The three words that start with F

I forgive you. Not for you ,but for me.

I forgive myself. If not, I would not be free.

I forgive my friends. 4 at 16 gossip is fun.

I was only sixteen. You were 17. Life had just begun.

I will not post this to social media. It will only go out into cyberspace

It is cathartic for me and I need to share my past with the human race.

So I will tag your name because when I do

Dance always sore! It’s amazing but true!

I am not dumb I have a high IQ. Why do you think we got along so well 5 years went by like that

I have a feeling you are important in the DNC and right now the world needs us to prevent number 45 attack.

You forget my state was the only one to Outlaw fracking. You forget how much I can Lobby and know my place

I don’t only speak for Democrats I speak for the whole human race .

Maybe I’m just as bad as you. For I can lie  andd cheat too.

    I hope you will make my party proud. But this is going on social media so I did lie to you.

    When you stop denying that I exist

    Then I will stop to you this-

    I will leave your political life alone.

    F*** that. This is America. I will speak the truth wherever you roam.

    The way I belong to your party. But I am a progressive socialist Like Bernie Sanders.

    Unlike you and the pilgrims who are Plymouth Landers .

    I love the First Amendment. As long as it’s truth I can say what I want

    Unfortunately, in my nightmares it is you that does haunt.

    Do Something great for this country. I know you won’t help mat out or me

    You know he’s filled with kindness and was at my benefit, you see

    You can deny our existence go ahead. Just make sure this stays the land of the free

    I will never forget the second word that starts with f. I try but I can not

    So I will just say the third word that starts with f. F*** you. I’m going to end before I get too hot.

    I feel better thanks. That hit the spot.

    Peace and love Laurelin🌻