The Rebirth of a dead City ☆

* I have documented my poetry since 1993. I have only had a poetry site on the internet since 2013. A few months ago I first began reading my poetry aloud, at a wonderful new place. A place where at night on the corner I have gotten crack in the early turn of the century. This is about a rebirth of that city which is right now crying out to live again.

A 37 year old handicapped woman, walked into a shop called doc concrescence.

They sold  Elixir and Tea, Had a comfortable Vibe  ,and a Bohemian like essence.

I was invited to it one night for a poetry event.

I have yet to see that person here that person who’s invitation was  sent.

I must admit I was quite shy at first.

I haven’t spoken aloud in a crowd and years and failure would be the worst.

So my friend showed up to take me home. And I only had time to read one Poem!

And everyone was so nice and kind. I forgot that part of humanity is meeting new and to roam outside of your home.

So tonight I welcome all of you.

Thank you for joining me and I promise when we are through

There will be no drug deals on this corner

I will tell them all to their face, and I and we are this town warner

It is time to take our community back.

Just by being here you show those scumbags they are under attack.

I have lost three boyfriends and countless friends from chemicals and Odin,

It’s time Binghamton opened her eyes and started seein.

We have always been a creative people. The art. Painting. Poetry. Song.

We should be proud of Binghamton I just finally know what we have been doing wrong.

We need to invest in each other’s businesses and simply in each other.

Treat everyone in town like they are your sister mother or brother.

Rod Serling existed at a time when this place was at its best.

We can do better than that. I put you to the test. Only you can make us better than the rest.

No more heroin. Crying. Decay of society.

This is our home. Let us stand proud with convection and propriety.

No more deaths. And more places like this.

I don’t know about you but just being here is true Bliss.

Peace and love Laurelin