Natural Talent■

There are certain things you need to be born with to succeed at

Usually the Arts. Dancers. Painters. Poets. Yoga Masters on a mat.

This simply isn’t true, some people are meant to strive at math and science and the right side of the brain.

Left or right side ,we certainly should not complain.

It is really all truly about passion. What are you passionate for?
It’s an endless hallway of ideas. The question is which one will be your door?

If you have a dream ,you should reach for it.But know that you also have to be realistic.

Don’t work in Western Medicine if you truly believe in holistic.

I would love to be a dancer, but as you can see I can’t walk or truck

My best of chances would be poetry and a dash of good luck.

I have always loved poetry. And I’d like to think I’m quite good at it too.

I like to make you think. To make you angry. But sometimes happy when you are blue.

I used to teach high school English.  now I am a poet with a muse.

My muse just happens to be all of youz.

Whether young or old just seek out that passion.

And it is not about money, but about love ,and watch people’s reaction.

In Star Trek ,people don’t work for money, they work for the better of humanity, and because so they have found their place.

In this beautiful crazy Network that connects us all ,called the human race.

I truly believe in natural talent I truly do.

How you will benefit Humanity I leave up to you.

It’s worth more weight In gold

When you truly love something you can’t be sold

You will die with a spark. And will smile when you are old.

, Glory of life awaits you. If it is just your passion that you continue to hold.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻