A confession

I admit it. I am a mess full of stress.

Every two months I must get IVs and test

To see if it’s working or not.

Stem cell people are a sordid lot,

We all react differently.

To  every different medication and chemotherapy.
On some days you wake and feel so good you can’t wait!

And you try to do everything. Wear yourself out, into a sleepfull state.

Then you wake up and you’re worse than you were before Mexico!

 they told us ,they warned us ,this is how it would go.

So why are some people doing better than me?

Others are worse and are stiff as a tree.

I think I already had one two three IVs

Man, that means three left .make this end please

The worst part is it’s bringing out my OCD real bad

I have to say three three times 3 it’s sad.

If these white blood cells don’t start working, I’m going to be mad

I am frustrated. That is the worst time to write.

You lose focus. You lose your mind a little. You lose all insight.

My brain can’t remember what I was just going to say

333 I guess that’s all for today

No way you remember I was going to tell you a confession!

The confession is I don’t know the answer or the lesson

So here I still sit. unmoving legs. Doing nothing once more

Just sitting here talking about nothing on my floor.

You are the one that just read a poem about nothing at all

Or maybe the point was really SMALL.