A visitor

  1. When I found out about my stem cell treatment in Mexico, I was awoken by light I saw a bright white light coming through my window from a bright light that was way too bright and beauti from the Sun. All the lights get closeilt began to take on a shape of a human. It somehow came right through my window and the window was closed. It looked like a beautiful young child with a Halo and wings. I asked the Creature if it was an angel sent from the Lord. She replied yes my child I am here to let you know all will be well as long as your face is strong in you do not stray from your principles. I replied what principles do you speak of? She replied you already know the answer I don’t need to tell you. I said to it I am confused I always stick to my principles and I truly try to live on the right path. She answered what is original sin that keeps All Humans away from their principles? Why do you all forget that you don’t control anything? I replied, and. You do? How do I know you’re an angel of the Lord? You may just be a hallucination give me some proof you’re an angel of the Lord. She brought her great wings and replied if you don’t have faith then that’s your problem and flew away the way she came. The funny thing is as she flew away into the deadline her wings looked black . you can’t trust a person who comes through your  window or door. Even if they  have wings it does not mean they are from heaven. There are many wolves in sheep clothing