The alphabet to the end of the world.

Are you kidding me?

Better Run for the Hill.

Can you believe this country was ever free?

Don’t you know there aren’t any more countries or religions to kill?

Everywhere I look down there, all I see is fire.

For I Think that is Binghamton. Or maybe Cortland or Syracuse.

Great Madness and ,bad destruction, and Rampage ,and pillage is all people desire?

Have you not realized anything? Why do you think we are surviving? They have no excuse.

I think we should find a place to camp.

Just make sure to put a line of cans around us so we can hear if something comes by

Keep trying to light a fire I know, this wood is damp

Leave me alone. I got it .I don’t need you to try.

My back aches from running uphill. I need a place to lie down.

No problem. I think I found one piece of ground that is dry.
Oh no! there. I heard something. Better not make a sound around.

Put down the backpack. Take out the knife slow.

Quickly the beast pounced on him! But he stabbed him first lucky once more

Rest. I must rest now. And stop talking to myself ,it is just not right.

Standing around all my neighbors ,then barricaded inside.

Too scared to make a sound. Too scared to look out a window and see the sight.

Useless media. Television, computers ,phones ,don’t exist anymore.

Very hard decisions. When the world begins to it’s ends.

Why stay? All Is Lost. He walked out the front door.

X does not Mark the Spot, when it ends it ends fast.

You just pray ,everyday ,the apocalypse you will Outlast

Zombies, my friends ,have come at last.

Peace and love and zombies laurelin