Feliz Navidad to my girl 

Christmas is the time of sharing

Christmas is the time of caring

Caring for all but not this year

I’m being selfish I’ll put it quite clear

I chose to come to Mexico

To better my life and let stem cells grow

This year there’s no presents no lights no tree

Just my husband Spanish television no immune system and me

I do this for my family and I simply don’t care

I must be selfish and seek a better life out there

So no cards will be sent to anyone

I can’t write  anyways so this year with Christmas I’m done

I wish you all the joy and a Happy New Year

But I must be selfish for myself my husband, my daughter ;my dear

No stockings are hung by the chimney with care
I know it sucks, my child and it is not fair

Mommy and Daddy are doing this for you

I promise no other Christmas will make you feel blue

Santa is coming and you will have snow so white

And every year after it will be alright

We named you Faith  because that’s what you are

You are mommy and daddy’s North Star

We will be home in just 10 days

New Year awaits with love and praise

Mommy  will get better have no fear

We love you baby and it will be a happy New Year