Question  ☆

There are three things that I love most,

The X-Files, zombies ,and the Holy Ghost.

Yes, I believe in the Holy Trinity,

My three are different ,from yours you see.

By the power of 3×3 

This spell by round shall be.

To cause no harm, nor return on me.

As I do will, so mote it be.

How you end a Wiccan spell, see?

To keep away from you negativity,

Never harm others. Only white energy.

Never feed of evil. Only positivity. 

I love Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

Worship His words ,none I do discount.

While my pagans were fighting,only to lose

Moses was freeing my people the Jews. 

The aliens left,secrets left but not gone,

They will return, when humans get along 

We are not ready to here their song

Humans unite. Until then we’re wrong.

Zombies exist. can’t come back once dead.

Christians don’t agree, instead

All they need is faith and belief.

My people,the Buddhists say,that’s a relief.

So many religions we’d die for,men.

We are  all the same, figure it out when?

Whoever you are you are a speck in space.

When will we see, we are  the human race.

I am every religion. And with all our trials,

Every answer is revealed in X-Files.

You have it my Holy Trinity.

I don’t want to believe. I just do.

Believe in each other. Or humans are through.

I can’t stand all the cruelty I see.

Love each other. Or I return as a zombie.