London Bridge is Falling Down🌻

Every bridge I make ,I burn down.

I blow them up ,with a giant boom sound..

Then;  there is always a feeling of loss.

Yes , it is my fault that there is no way to Cross.

London Bridge went from town to town.

Then during war it came crumbling down.

I am my own War. My own worst enemy.

 A lesson that I have not learned ,yet ,this century.

I am filled with so many regrets.

I try to rebuild ; but usually the other side still frets.

Now I am forced to build a new bridge. To a different and new town.

That bridge too will one day come crumbling down.

Every bridge we build will fall. The truth is;

There is not always a way to rebuild that bridge.

I hope I can rebuild that bridge. I hope. I hope. I hope….

If there is no bridge to be found ;I promise I shall throw you a rope. 

Peace and love Laurelin 🌻