Orange is the New Black

” When God  makes a swastika, he opens a window. Then you realize,  there is no God” 

If you just add a few lines you got a window. Now isn’t that odd?

” I can’t be racist, I’m black.” ” of course ,you can be racist. This is America, land of the free.”

That is quite a contradiction. If you ask me

 I have committed many of the crimes on the TV.

Never killed. But almost had it done to me.

Why I never was caught I do not see.

Why am I older and wiser but also free.?

I have the privilege to vote and bear arms but not thee.

 So very many times I have gotten away with breaking the law..

You knew me not then. Only goodness and Grace you saw…

, you only know the things I want you to know. If you really knew. If you really knew…..

I doubt this fate would exist. This reality I’m sure would not be true.

If you really get to know me. If you really take a look.

You will find that I am quite the opposite of an open book.

Not only am I closed but I am bound all the way around

It’s big. And it’s heavy. And it weighs a thousand pounds

I keep that s*** buried. I don’t like to look at some of my past

I know I know. If I don’t look back I will never be free at last

I think that’s b*******. I just look straight ahead.

I keep my secrets well. I don’t like to stay too often in my own head.

So I watch my life on the orange is the New Black show

If only I knew back then, what now, I now know.

So instead of sharing my secrets. I watch them on this TV show.

One character in particular I relate to. Which one? You will never know.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻