All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is to gain some weight.

I used to count calories, nothing I ate.

I’d like to be over 110!

That was so low; at least back then.

All I wanted for Christmas was to be hot!

Unfortunately, that’s just what I got.

A blond cheerleader; big boobs. Small waist.

Now I want calories from everything I taste!

Grass is always greener; on the other damn side.

Gone is my vanity;(though I still got some pride.)

Too proud to admit defeat!

So come friends; let’s eat, eat, eat!

Last month I was up to 104!

Now atrophy always knocks on my door.

Gain five,lose ten; Story of my life!

Now I am a mother and a wife;

I must be healthy. Not just for me;but them!

Please, Santa, meat on my bones times it by ten!

I see all these ads for “diet” and lose some weight!

That’s fine; but let us contemplate…

Before m.s. I was just like you.

Beauty! Smarts! Grace! was my tunnel view.

I couldn’t look right;just straight ahead.

I’d throw up my dinner,then go to bed.

Now I pray for weight instead;

Foolish I was. That green grass was dead!

I graduated from class ’98.

Ironically, that’s now my weight.

I wear a sweat shirt.Heavy pants, and shoes.

But that damn weight I constantly lose.

Ask Santa for health; not beauty skin deep.

I warn you; you will get what you reap!

The grass over there isn’t green; it’s dyed.

Someone painted it with their foolish pride.

Now I want beauty on the inside.

Damn vanity! All the ads lied!

All I want for Christmas is to live one more day.

For someone to remember the words I say.

There is no greener grass. Perhaps in May?

Don’t worry about that. Just deal with today.

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