MONOTONY (jUNE 23 2009)

Everyday like every other.

Wake up in a pool of m.s.

Sit.drink mother.

Take meds and pick out dress.

Every noon,get bored with TV.

Maybe smoke. Text my man.

By 1:00 dirt is all I see

By 2:00 cleaned all I can.

Think about painting around 3:00.

Lose interest. Smoke at 4:00.

Start to cook.Just cat and me,

Hear meows for more

Soft food! cries my cat.

I sigh,open another can.

On her head I give her a pat.

Then by 5:00 wait for my man.

Finally won’t be alone!

I wait.I wait. I wait.

Hear a ring on my phone.

Rings twice,I hesitate;

It’s John,has class-“be home by 8:00,won’t be late!”

Foods cold. Empty my glass.

By now I’m not in good state.

I smoke.I smoke. I smoke.

8:00’s here!He’s home!

No chance to tell him I’m broke,

Goes straight to his room alone.

So guess what? I smoke.

Getting tired.Go to bed.

Need to pee,yet never woke.

wish sometimes I were dead.

Every day, like every other……

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