The jungle☆

In the jungle ,made of pavement and concrete,

Mr. Windle, and a blind man I did meet..

They live down below ;with the Stray Cats ,and the Rats.

Where if you visit ,Modern Man, and mr. Windle ,and the blind man, reacts.

You see mr. Wendel lives off what you throw away. Your apple cores and refuge.

He helped to clothe and cover the blind man ,with cloth you don’t use.

Modern Man views these people in disgust. And thinks that we must; 

Clean up this town! In our government We Trust.

To do something with these people. Hide them. For we do not want to see;

. Those helpless. pitiful. The homeless. The disabled. What could become of you and me.

It is clean streets. And the rich. Big black horse with a cherry tree. 

We live with a veil over our eyes. Mr. Wendal lives in reality.

Don’t be fooled by what the government calls the land of the free.

Mr. Windle and the blind man are our brothers of humanity..

There is no Prince on that black horse. There is no fruit on that cherry tree.

Mr. Wendal has freedom. Freedom that you and I think is dumb.

Free to go where he wants. And do as he pleases, For mr. Wendal is a bum.

I rode past him on my big black horse and I missed the cherry tree.

I can’t forget that. For my heart’s forsaken me.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻

* quotes from two songs. Mr. Window by artist Tennessee and I have to look the other one up Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree those words are race on that are copy written by someone other than me.