I am

I am a poet, and I know it.

Green like a frog; I’m  green when I blog.

I put myself to the test, and I’m just not the best.

I can share my arrests, but Can’t blog like the rest.

In 2003 I got a DWI, at 23 no big deal to you and I.

The story gets better I say with a sigh, I got two in one night, I can not lie.

I tricked the cop into letting me go. But I was drunk and stupid, you know?

I watched him leave and then so … got back in my car to drive and then had to blow,

Pullled over again ,same cop,blew a.19 somethin. He said get out and walk. Are you kidding me?  said I’m drunk can’t walk for nothin.

I went to jail and did not care. I was too drunk to be aware.

Those benches are small you should beware, fell off in the night heard laughter and a glare.

From the cop who had cuffed me, for you see;

I got out of them twice and he was quite pissed at me. Next day I told the judge I was not guilty.

They gave me my purse back. I left with a smile. I knew they’d forgotten a secret compartment for a while.

When they emptied in my purse, I was petrified but stood there in style.

 Had the a half ounce of weed, I had Hidden with greed.

I was so happy because at that moment I was in need.

I got my car. I smoked then went to work.

At 23 aren’t we all kind of a jerk?

Maybe not perhaps it’s just me.

But in June 2003 I got very lucky.

This proves to me I’m just better at poetry.

With Rhythm and rhyme, my mistakes I truly see.