Why are you always fishing? And showing your Pole?

I know that it was expensive, and nice, but you don’t have to show it off ,you know?

Sea looks beautiful. Full of fish, and probably a giant whale.

First we have to check our bait ,before we sail.

I caught one! But it’s just a little guppy.

I want a big fish, if I get lucky.

I fish for an hour more, and I finally got one on the line.

It’s really fighting. That means it’s a good one.

Let’s play with it a while and have some fun.

Oh no! That really sucks, the line broke.

She knows I’m a catfish. And my account is a joke.

On social media be careful my friends,

Check people’s profiles. It is at least a means to an ends.

And for goodness sakes, it’s simply not funny.

Don’t ever ever ever give a stranger money.