12-28 🌻

When I was pregnant with my daughter I 

dreaming of the numbers 12 and 28.

I thought for sure she would be born on December 28th and I thought- oh jeez this is great

You see my ex-boyfriend Chris was born on December 28th. I did not want my daughter to share a birthday with him

I know it is silly. For a date is just a date. But that day to me is offly grim.

But there I was big as the house, still dreaming of those numbers driving me insane.

I Kept bitching about it on social media. People told me not to complain.

On December 6th I went into labor but due to multiple sclerosis it just felt like minor pain

Mother told me it was hemorrhoids. So I labored at home for a day yet again feeling insane.

Husband became worried when I lost the mucus plug and had my bloody show

I still felt totally fine. Just minor inconvenience. But to my hospital my husband did make me go.

The hospital they thought I was on meth. For I should have been in Greater pain
I kept trying to explain I don’t feel pain like others my pain level 5 is your pain level 5000 again feeling insane.

Nurse  checked  me down there and said with a slight howl -I see your head!

Oh no epidural they rushed me into the birthing room instead.

I only had to push three times. It was so very easy

My husband hates Blood and he did get a little queasy.

Said I was the easiest birthday had ever seen.

She came out screaming and she came out fairly clean

Was so very spiritual I almost missed when the doctor screamed time of birth 12:28!

, daughter was warning me all along. You must go to the hospital I don’t want to be born late!

Sometimes in life there is a bigger plan

We must trust in this. And sometimes let nature lend a hand.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻