The death of a community

I live right by Binghamton New York. It is a drug hub from NYC. All drugs that come into NYC have to pass through Binghamton to go to any other part of the country. Unfortunately for my community heroin is killing us. More deaths from heroin happened in Binghamton New York than any major city in America. Please go on a poetic Journey with me and learn how we can and will put a stop to this with a united front.


If a man really loves you he will bring you a bouquet of black eyed Suzie’s. Pardon the pun but daisies are a pansy of a flower. But have you ever tried to pick a one eyed Suzie? They are durable tough little plants. Just like I hope my daughter and her generation will be tough little humans. It is up to you now millennials.

Go  I need poetic Journey with me as we talked about the different generations and how we’re not so different after all .