It’s supposed to be a book with many faces.

With friends and family from many places.

It will keep you connected, yes it will.

But don’t you dare use the word kill!

They will put you in Facebook jail.

Where you don’t get any hugs or kisses or even mail!

I am done with their crap I’m going over to WordPress.

Social media that never puts me in lockdown, never causes distress!

So I’m writing a little poem about my pissed off affair

My friends and followers I miss with a sad little care

But I must stay true, to who I am.

Facebook has become more powerful then Uncle Sam!

When they get you down, come on over to WordPress.

There is a lot more love, inspiration, and no drama mess.

Please never let Facebook buy you my dear WordPress, it would break my heart.

I love how you bring us together, not tear us apart

There is a lot of Madness going on with Facebook Instagram, what a freaking mess.

When that stuff gets you down, come on over here to WordPress.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, let’s blow some s*** up.

Happy Fourth of July. Put some beer in your cup.

Happy Independence Day, be grateful the Redcoats are not coming.

Happy Fourth of July. If you’re quiet you can hear the drums drumming.

Happy Independence Day. The drums now lead you to firework, not war.

Happy Fourth of July. Red white and blue popsicles and flags are in store!

Happy Independence Day. Covid-19 is leaving, let’s party!

Happy Fourth of July, get your vaccine and Don’t Be Tardy.

Happy Independence Day oh, hurry, don’t be late!

Happy Fourth of July. I have a feeling this year it will be great ️ 💙 ❤️

Delirium, conspiracies, and Q

I clicked on a link that said plandemic on Facebook.

Not realizing the places that it took

Me to places filled with fear.

Of everything. But why? Not clear.

I met a lady in a chat room, she said the government is run by a deep state.

Who is in it, I’m not sure. But if I question I might be late.

Late to the party. Qanon is there.

But where Q is, we are unaware.

We know he is our savior. He will shine a light.

We will show the Deep state and cabal what is really right.

We just have to find Q! He will surely know what to do.

Maybe he started a new. Maybe in America he is through!

I just have to find him. The plandemic says he is the key.

Key to what? I have no idea. Knowledge is a luxury

For the elite! The makers of the deep state, they created this virus you know.

They want you to think it came from nature or a lab, but in the Deep state it did grow.

7 months have gone by since I opened the plandemic. Has it been that long?

All these links. Articles. Chat rooms. But no Q. Could we all be wrong?

No, no, no I keep looking. I am not crazy. I know Q is here deep in my soul

I found him! He is at the bottom of this rabbit hole

The Game of Life

Do not be kind to me. I am not here.

Stop pretending. Your motivation is clear.

If you want my attention, give my shirt a tug

Don’t caress me or kiss me I don’t want a hug.

All I want is kindness. For people to be nice.

But they are not. It makes me question and think twice

Don’t tell me you know how hard it is, and then walk away.

You know I can’t walk. I cannot read work with what I want to say.

I know I’m hard to love. Let’s face it, life has been rough.

But come at me with kindness. And I won’t be so tough.

When life beats you down, take that lemon and make lemonade.

Don’t like lemons? Grab oranges. Make some Gatorade

The point is, if you don’t like the cards you’re dealt deal something new.

Don’t like them? Discard, redraw, until the deck is through.

You have 52 chances. You may Auntie, bet, life still makes You Broker

It’s okay. You always have a joker