Dear 2055

Dear 2055, we are sorry. We thought we had a few more years.

I am sure now in 2055 you have many fears which lead to many tears.

We asked you for forgiveness. We simply did not know.

How far pollution and greed would actually go.

We should have left the coal alone. Let it turn into diamonds. That it would look pretty in a ring

We simply did not know all the destruction that mining would bring.

Dear 2055, we are so fucking sorry! I wish I could make it 1980 again. I would recycle more. But I can’t go back.

And now dear 2055, your planet is under attack!

If it is even still there. I sure do hope so.

I love this blue planet. I hope crops still grow.

Dear 2055, if I make it I will be 70.

I hope we can come up with a global warming remedy.

I don’t want to leave this mess to my daughter, and I’m scared.

They tell me that I should just be prepared.

I got to tell you 2055, it does not look good.

We should have been more careful. We should while we still could.

Dear 2055, I don’t think we will make it out alive.

Although we tried, I think we killed this planet with our stupid Pride


How many poems can one person write being bored?

Let’s find out shall we.

One poem for my husband, wherever he is.

1 poem for my daughter, who is the Tik Tok Wiz.

One poem for my cat, who patiently Waits my lap.

One poem for my neighbor, who is the kindly chap.

One poem just because. Because it is something to do.

One poem became a limerick. Not sure if that one is true

One poem for my mother. The greatest of the dames.

One poem for my brother. Brilliant in all he claims.

One poem for my friends. Two more for my f o e s

Three poems for the devil. Because he definitely knows

Who to send the next poem too.

It could be Steven. It could be Sue.

But alas, no more, the last one goes to you ️ ☺️

The witching hour

The buzz of the alarm goes off. It is 6 a.m. Wake up!

Morning routine. The Daily Grind. It is 5 p.m. Go home!

Nighttime routine. Dinner. TV. It is 10 p.m. Go to sleep!

The buzz of the alarm goes off. It’s 6 a.m. Wake up!

Morning routine. The Daily Grind. It is 5 p.m. Go home!

Nighttime routine. Dinner. TV. It is 10 p.m. Go to sleep!

Stop. Listen. Breathe. It is 3 a.m. The witching hour.

Anything and everything is possible during the witching hour.

3 a.m. is when I draw inspiration. Power.

Make it last. Minutes tick by. Let the inspiration Tower

It is so fleeting, the moments turned sour.

The buzz of the alarm goes off….


It’s supposed to be a book with many faces.

With friends and family from many places.

It will keep you connected, yes it will.

But don’t you dare use the word kill!

They will put you in Facebook jail.

Where you don’t get any hugs or kisses or even mail!

I am done with their crap I’m going over to WordPress.

Social media that never puts me in lockdown, never causes distress!

So I’m writing a little poem about my pissed off affair

My friends and followers I miss with a sad little care

But I must stay true, to who I am.

Facebook has become more powerful then Uncle Sam!

When they get you down, come on over to WordPress.

There is a lot more love, inspiration, and no drama mess.

Please never let Facebook buy you my dear WordPress, it would break my heart.

I love how you bring us together, not tear us apart

There is a lot of Madness going on with Facebook Instagram, what a freaking mess.

When that stuff gets you down, come on over here to WordPress.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, let’s blow some s*** up.

Happy Fourth of July. Put some beer in your cup.

Happy Independence Day, be grateful the Redcoats are not coming.

Happy Fourth of July. If you’re quiet you can hear the drums drumming.

Happy Independence Day. The drums now lead you to firework, not war.

Happy Fourth of July. Red white and blue popsicles and flags are in store!

Happy Independence Day. Covid-19 is leaving, let’s party!

Happy Fourth of July, get your vaccine and Don’t Be Tardy.

Happy Independence Day oh, hurry, don’t be late!

Happy Fourth of July. I have a feeling this year it will be great ️ 💙 ❤️