So much despair, in the air

So much Despair, in the air,

All is fair, but I don’t care

there is so much damn despair

It is not just a sad affair,

It is everything happening out there!

There is so much despair, in the air

Everywhere. even in your lair.

sad affair, when you care.

Love too much 4 those out there

There is so much despair in the air!

It is thick.

It is suffocating.

Tears everyday.

For there is so much despair, in the air.

I cannot win. I cannot try.

So every day, I sit and cry.

I cry for me, I cried for you,

I cry some more, when I am through.

I try not to just sit and stare.

I try to remember, how not to care.

Even that is hard, and it’s just not fair!

That there’s so much despair in the air.

Be kind

It is the season for love and light.

Democrat or republican it will be alright!

You can do anything in life that you want to achieve.

Just be kind about what you believe.

There are foods I don’t like, like mayonnaise and bulgur.

If you would like them I’m certainly not going to be vulgar!

We forget that we are also lucky to live here.

If you disagree, Let It Be. But don’t spread the fear?!

If you say something not nice, just hit rewind.

You will get better results if you would just be kind!

I have multiple sclerosis and I died at 38.

I don’t have time for this shit, for life is short and just great!

It is Christmas time, let us try to be nice.

Be kind. For cruelty won’t make you think twice.

No matter your party, don’t live in the Hysteria.

Be kind, my friends. And God bless America!

Sparky the dog

You brought me home as a pup, at first you were nice.

I chased the cat and you hit me. You didn’t think twice.

I was rambunctious, you tied me up to a tree.

I want a round and around, then I couldn’t break free.

I waited and I waited, but no one came for me.

I was so tired and thirsty here. Let me go! Let me be!

For years this went on, but I loved you still.

Then one day I got worms, and you didn’t get me a pill.

Now I am so sick, and I don’t think that you care.

When you need me though, I am always there.

You say that I am man’s best friend..

You say that you love me until the end.

They say never bite the hand that feeds me.

You forget my kibble. No food do I see

Now I’m 10. And angry. And you don’t understand.

So one day you went to pet me, and I bit off your hand.

no matter what happens , Emotions Don’t let.

If you are kind to me, I won’t get upset.

I loved you from the very first day we met.

Remember I’m a living being, not just a pet.


I am always all alone

Today I had no phone

scared to think had pain been done

No way to reach 911

I died at age 38

My life till then had been great

Stay-at-home mother and wife

No job, no Adventure, no real life

Everything I do is for someone

Never for me, where is the fun?

I am always just here on the floor

There is nothing. nothing in store

Yes, sometimes life seems too tough.

Damn it, I have had enough!

I can’t keep living just for you

Fuck your reality. Mine is true

Sad to say, I say with a groan,

Life sucks, when you are all alone