Make me with the wings so that I might fly

Beyond the words of the devil’s last sigh

And away from where all the people died

Where the wind is a child’s first cry

What do you do, with no words left to sing?

I will be riding the dragons wing

And I’ll hear all these Angels Sing,

Wizards are coming, with gold a bring!

I am really all alone, inside of you

And we don’t care if these lies are true!

For I will be there when the world is through

On the dragons Wing, where the wind just blew.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

I have seen a lot in my lifetime. And I am only 39 years old?! Here is a look back at what I have seen.

1980. Ronald Reagan and the Cold War Red Scare has Us in an uproar.

1984. Ronald Reagan’s back for more.

1988. Cold war ends with the destruction of a wall.

19 92. Persian Gulf. Oil and money. Bill Clinton will stand tall.

1996. The illusion of Peace. Monica Lewinsky plays with a cigar and hides a dress.

Y2K. The end of the world didn’t happen. Bush’s son vows Revenge. 911 happens. What a mess?

2004. Isis. Terrorism. Not a good time to be Muslim in America.

2008. We are hoping B . Obama well end the Hysteria

. 2010. My daughter is born. Nothing else seems to matter.

2017. Number 45 takes office. I thought my world would shatter.

20/20. Yet to come. Will we learn from our mistakes? Doubtful. The only thing I am sure of is, that we didn’t start the fire. It’s been always burning since the world’s been turning.