Portrait of a Madman

He wears a hat. A trench coat. Both in a menacing black.

In dark alleys. Late at night. At the park. Ready to attack.

He holds something. You have nowhere to run.

You are pretty sure he is holding a gun.

He wants to cut you. It could be a knife.

Either way ,he wants to end your life.

I think I will just stay in tonight.

He is not here. Out there just doesn’t seem right.

Paranoia will destroy you. And they say I am insane?

Just want to stay away from him. I don’t mean to complain.

Oh my goodness, someone is knocking at my door!

What if it’s him? I hide low on the floor.

I’m Crazy .go ahead, say what you will say.

At least whoever it was ,they went away.

Crazy. So what? I’m not going out today