Nature vs man

The sky is falling! The reason?- Ebola.

I hear you’ll get cancer; drinking light soda.

Fear is every where. CNN told me so.

Media shares important reports, ya know.

The air that’s outside; is polluted and bad.


 breathe. There is bird flu. I hear you go mad.

Man kills man. A virus we are. why?-Ruin.

Nature is coming. Intent?- Goodbye, human.

She has no other species with this thing, ‘fear.’

Instinct,yes. But mans’ purpose,place; is unclear.

She never expected emotions…Evolved.

Every earthly problem she somehow has solved.

This species stumps her. Man simply makes no sense!

Melting glaciers. Pollution.-It makes her tense.

She’s patient. She waits. Man will surely screw up.

Her best creation is the biggest mess up.

She sees mans’ destruction. But also mans’ art.

How can such beauty exist in such a heart?

A virus. A killer. Yet, painted on her cave walls;

A story. Memory. History of how man falls

Life is a poem. Emotion; a beauty and a curse.

Love. Pain. War. Peace. Emotion. Which will lead to your verse?



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