The animal. The animal. Trapped trapped trapped till the day is full. The cage is full. The day is new. And everyone’s waiting. Waiting on you. And you’ve got time.

Time. Time time enough for this rhyme

Time to tell you for a second time

Then it’s not as easy as hitting rewind

My stem cells need time to grow you know?

I know you can’t see it. It’s not a show.

It’s just white blood cells dividing in half

Or  mitosis,or prophase I say with a laugh

It takes an awfully long time. A burden to bear

At least I often wear underwear

There’s a lot going on inside of me

The immune system is not a thing you see

A bunch of white blood cells need to split in half

 the prophase thing I said with a laugh

It will take time for those new cells to grow

But then I do cartwheels and put on a show

Until then I’m sick no it’s not a trick

Just think of a brick. It must grow thick.

I am slowly getting there.

And then you people will stop and stare

Not because I have no underwear

But because I am well. Everywhere.