Seriously 8/3/14

Don’t take me so seriously; I’m not all that;

I even have a facebook account for my cat.

I live in my pjs, and it’s probably true:

If given the chance,I don’t know what I would do.

I’d travel and walk;I would cartwheel in the grass!

Probably untrue. I would still sit on my ass.

After a while, you like to sit and just stare.

At Everything. Anything. The world is unfair.

There is much more beauty in my backyard outside.

I’ve looked every where. and believe I have tried;

To take everything seriously. It’s boring.

As I write this to you, you might even be snoring!

Picture the best me. Best you; the best day on Earth.

That’s nice and all, let’s smile. Chill out! It has some worth.


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