Never Give Up. Be a Lion. ■

Just out of E.R….again. Not admitted this time.

Admitted 1 month ago. Paralyzed  waist down.

This damn m.s. stops me from rhyme.

No No No! Don’t put on that frown !

A month ago I got better!

…for a few weeks;no days (I  can’t lie to you)

Today back to the E.R. grrr.

Good news-Nothings wrong with you; bad news-“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

“Miss Laurelin;you should be happy!” says the Doc

“No, Doc. I am not.” as I speak through my tears.

This means-IT’ S JUST 20YRS WITH M.S. and Laurelin; you are fucked.

Wipe those tears. M.S. is not YOU. You just have it. So Cram it!

You are Laurelin fucking O’Brien!

M.S. dumb disease; you just keep on tryin’

Even in death I will win. For my genes and blood helped find a cure.

I am that lurking,you don’t expect, predator.

Call me Laurelin fucking O’Brien.

Or if you prefer Laurelin the Lion.

ROAR!!! L.O’Brien